Women's Ministry

Posted in Congregational Ministries

Throughout Bible times, women have been involved in God's grand plan for mankind.  Women’s Ministry gives women unlimited opportunities for service.  The ministry focuses on attending to the spiritual needs of Christian women and helping them advance in their faith.  This ministry exists to serve women and to equip women to minister to others. The focal point is that of living godly lives.  Not only does this ministry aim at training women in ministry but also to motivate and inspire women with outreach opportunities.  Opportunities to pray/ intercede and train others, also exist. 


Sarah, Deborah, Ruth & Esther from Bible times demonstrate to us exactly what women are capable of when God is in control. In the New Testament, the Bible shows us other women who shaped the course of history through their work in Christ.  These women include: Mary, Martha, Priscilla, Phebe & Persis who had strong influence on the development of the early church.