HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC)

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HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC):  ICA provides HTC daily at the Sheaffer Hall and at two outreach centers of Mpingu (Thursday) and Mtsiriza (Friday). The static HTC site at the Sheaffer Center has an ingenious Pastoral Care and Counseling, lending incredible.



The HTC Pastoral Care and Counseling, which in essence is the community health section of the Sunrise Health Ministries conducts the following activities:



By the grace of the Lord the Sunrise Health Ministries has had a major impact on the communities around the City of Lilongwe. 


  1. The Sunrise Health Ministries has consistently operated the intervention largely with local funding. Sustainability has been assured due to funds coming from the local church that operates it.
  2. The Outreach centers of Ntandire, Mtsiriza and Mpingu have worked with great success spawning Communities of CBOs of PLWAs who over and over again work offering Home Based Care to needy members. 
  3. The Village Saving and Lending (VSL), which started with 25 people, has now 100 clients who meet in four groups every week to actualize activities that help them.



This far, the Sunrise Health Ministries has worked with less funding from partners other than the International Christian Assembly. However, the ICA has only managed to provide operation funds commensurate to its level of income. Therefore, the greatest challenge of the intervention is lack of resources for expansion, transport and infrastructure development. Others include the following:


  1. The Sunrise is challenged with lack of adequate number of counselors. It currently has four employed staff.  Due to this situation, it conducts the Door to Door programme for only two-days in a month. The Sunrise Health Ministries desperate need to increase the number of Counselors. 
  2. The Sunrise Health Ministries does not have a car of its own. Therefore, the programs carried out are with the help of cars from other ICA departments or by hired means. 
  3. 3.Village Saving and Lending section desperately needs training for its clients especially in small scale businesses.
  4. 4.Although there are many primary and secondary schools within the program area of Sunrise Health Ministries, we have not adequately distributed IEC materials and conducted sensitization meetings for the student in schools due to transport challenges.
  5. 5.Radio programmes sometimes other issues needs to be handled with Doctors but due to transport the office is not able to involve such people.
  6. 6.The intervention does not have adequate operational equipment such as bicycles or promotional items such as T-Shirts for counselors and advertisements on bill boards and brochures. 


Sunrise health Ministries has the following current activities followed by a description of support that is needed to further strengthen them: 1. HIV Testing and Counseling Sunrise Health will continue to offer HIV testing and counseling in all its sites which includes the Sheaffer Conference Hall (Monday through Friday), Mpingu Outreach Clinic (every Thursday), Mtsiliza outreach clinic (every Tuesdays and Fridays) an, Door to Door HIV Testing and Counseling campaign at T/A Malili.

The International Christian Assembly is the only donor that supports since its inception in 2007. However, for grow and increase its activities, Sunrise Health will need the following:

  • Funds to support additional of six counselors to continue with HTC services.
  • Purchase of six (6) bicycles for the additional 6 counselors to use in the Door to Door HTC campaign. We currently have two bicycles for two counselors.
  • Purchase of essential paraphernalia such as T-shirt, rack sack bags, and boots for the Counselors. This facilitates easy identification.
  • Computer for data entry and storage
  • Office furniture in the HTC sites