Congregational Ministry

We are a Home of Many Ministries

All Ministries under ICA connect in serving the overal strategy embedded in our vision

Our Congregational Ministries

Here is a list of all ministries under Internationl Christian Assembly

Women's Ministry

Throughout Bible times, women have been involved in God’s grand plan for mankind.  Women’s Ministry gives women unlimited opportunities for service.  The ministry focuses on attending to the spiritual needs of Christian women and helping them advance in their faith.  This ministry exists to serve women and to equip women to minister to others. The focal point is that of living godly lives.  Not only does this ministry aim at training women in ministry but also to motivate and inspire women with outreach opportunities.  Opportunities to pray/ intercede and train others, also exist. Read More.

Children's Ministry

We believe that the children are more than our future.  For that reason, the International Christian Assembly has a special ministry for children.  The children’s Ministry at the International Christian Assembly exists to position kids to know Jesus and also to grow in knowing Him.

We work with children of the church, parents, children’s leaders and volunteers to make that happen.  We also offer a variety of events and programs. Contact our state children’s director or the department leaders listed below for more info.

Youth Ministry

The essence of the need for the Youth Ministry is to equip youth so they can be used by God to be world changers. We prepare youth individually and corporately to be powerful Christians that are capable of reaching out and meeting the needs of their peers and community.  Our youths are prepared for local and international missions.

The Holy Bible is our guide in equipping youth. Our aim is to experience God and to make Him known to all nations. Our fundamental elements for youth ministry include: instruction, worship, fellowship, and service.

Young Adults Ministry

We have a ministry specifically to cater to the spiritual and fellowship needs of the young adults at the International Christian Assembly.  The Young Adults Ministry is a ministry where young adults can come to know God more and develop meaningful relationships with each other. We want young adult to get connected and know what true fellowship is all about.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry at the International Christian Assembly is committed to facilitating worship.

By integrating fellowship, encouragement and outreach through a synergized program of music that is both local and international. We are passionate about preparing gatherings for worship that are Christ-centered and life-changing.

Corporate worship in our two morning services is enhanced through various musical ensembles that participate each Sunday. If you sing or play an instrument, we would love to have you join us.

Men's Ministry

Men are supported at International Christian Assembly, by their own ministry called the “Men’s Ministry”.  Our goal with the men’s ministry is to help men in being the very best versions of themselves that they can be in Jesus.  The ministry seeks to help men in their walks with God in growing in godliness.

As men (husbands) are charged with being leaders in their homes, this ministry also helps in shaping men towards that kind of leadership that Jesus would want us to emulate.  The leadership Jesus shows in leading the “bride”, God’s church.

We are Church built on the foundation of Jesus!

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