Compassionate Ministry

We are a Home of Many Ministries

All Ministries under ICA connect in serving the overal strategy embedded in our vision


Sunrise Ministries is the compassionate arm of the ICA that operationalizes its desire to provide health facilities to the communities of Lilongwe City and Rural. Read More

Onesimus Ministries

The Onesimus Ministry exits to mitigate the plight of the hundreds of children that are constantly flushed on the streets due to various reasons.

Some get on the streets due to irresponsible parents and guardians who abuse drugs, alcohol and the very same children. Others get on to the street because of the poverty that is prevalent in the country. Yet, others end up being on the street because they become orphans from deceased parents of AIDS.

Onesimus Drop-In Center

Onesimus Drop-in-center is a place for Children on the Street. Here workers and volunteers develop relationships with the children and at the same time build an understanding of their reasons for being on the street.

The center also facilitates the initial  counseling and a provision of teaching for transformation. Finally, the center is to facilitate administrative functions such as referrals to the Onesimus Homes and other interventions and organizations.

Home Based Care

Sunrise Health has a viable partnership with CBOs within the Mpingu and Mtsiriza areas operating a Home-based Care through village networks.

However because of the intense needs in caring for the clients within the areas, Sunrise Health desperately needs to have a vehicle and two (2) motor bike ambulances to facilitate transportation of needy patients to referral Hospitals. At one time we used to rely on a car from a sister organization (CAN Radio) for the past three (3) years. But that car was disposed off.

If available, this vehicle would be used for supervision of outreach programs, IEC material distribution in schools and as an office utility car in additional to the above.

HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC)

HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC):  ICA provides HTC daily at the Sheaffer Hall and at two outreach centers of Mpingu (Thursday) and Mtsiriza (Friday). The static HTC site at the Sheaffer Center has an ingenious Pastoral Care and Counseling, lending incredible.


The HTC Pastoral Care and Counseling, which in essence is the community health section of the Sunrise Health Ministries conducts the following activities:

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Distribution of IEC Material

Distribution of IEC material is a key emphasis of the Sunrise Health process. Currently, this includes a Radio program through the Channel for All Nations (CAN) Radio with emphasis on the following:

Antiretroviral (ART), psychosocial support to those that have HIV with personal testimonies of those that tested HIV positive.

• As of now, the Sunrise Health seeks for partnership from well-wishers to embark on sensitization campaigns within Primary and Secondary Schools within T/A Malili.

Village Saving and Lending

The Village Saving and Lending is one of the most innovative programs run by the Sunrise Health.

Members bank cash on weekly basis and support each other with small loans. Their lives are changing as these facilitates establishment of small scale businesses to support their families. There are four groups with about 25 members in each. Almost 85% of the total clients of the membership is living with HIV.

HIV-Related Training Processes

Sunrise Health has successfully invested in continued community education emphasizing various aspects of HIV/AIDS, Living positively and issues of Village banking and lending.

The organization need to conduct the following forms of training:

  • Consistent training in behavior change
  • Members desperately need additional training in how to run small scale businesses. Additionally, we must have funding to provide loans to be accessed by members
  • The leaders of the CBOs desperately need training psychosocial skills. They in turn pass the knowledge and information to the rest of the groups.
  • The HTC conducted at the Sheaffer has a Pastoral Counseling and care component. However, the Pastors need training in basic counseling skills.

We are along the Corner of Paul Kagame Road. and the M1 Lilongwe, Malawi.

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