Super Ten Leadership Training

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Superten Cell leadership can be a wearisome journey. It is not for the fainthearted! The fact is that members often don’t show up, evangelism fails, babies get sick, events fill the calendar, and bosses at work require extra hours.

Superten Cell leadership involves making phone calls, developing new leaders, evangelism, and administration. In the face of so many tasks and problems, how is it that Christian leaders can stay engaged and focused? The answer is proper training and a development of skills and emotional intelligence that accords you to develop a lifestyle of encouragement. SCLT is set in such a way that a candidate attends four weekend training session over a period of one year emphasizing the following seminars:

  1. Cell Introduction: Philosophy, Purpose and Operations
  2. Cell Ministry: Ministry to the Cell Members
  3. Cell Leadership: Developing the Leaders Within (Self-leadership)
  4. Cell Leader-Development: Developing, mentoring and coaching other emerging Leaders.

Our vision, which is the preferred future for this congregation is that as a CELL-BASED church we: 

Grow into a large, influential, Multi-national community of believers who meet publicly and from house to house and serve in power to impact our world with the life of Jesus Christ.