Membership In The ICA Community

Posted in Super-Ten Cell Groups

Although within the contemporary culture, it is becoming increasingly evident that people don’t desire to be tied to membership standards of churches, associations or clubs, joining the ICA implies mutual accountability from both the individuals and body.

Leaders, in the spirit of biblical accountability pledge to keep a high level of organizational integrity manifesting in strict financial accountability and good administration and mutually benefiting vision and goals. One key benefits for members is an assurance of a dynamic, biblically sound, high-level presentation of the Word of God. 

Equally, individual members of the ICA are required to commit themselves through a high level standard of biblical and Christian character demonstrated through a life of holiness, financial accountability, and availability to the programs, (of which Cell attendance is key). The demand of strong membership ties is premised on the fact that Church needs to be strongly united to truly be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.