ICA Ministry Pathway

Posted in Super-Ten Cell Groups

All things being equal, every person at the ICA travels on the ministry pathway giving them opportunities to grow and discover their giftings that allows them to minister and influence others in the kingdom of God.  The following is the ICA’s ministry Pathway:


  • Stage 1: Getting started is a place where a new member in Christ (new convert) is given first teaching to introduce them to the life in Christ culminating in Baptism (four weeks)
  • Stage 2: Growing in Christ introduces people to the wonderful dynamics of life-long learner and allowing them to discover their potential in Christ. 
  • Stage 3: Becoming a member challenges a person to accept being part of ICA community
  • Stage 4: SuperTen Cell Leadership Training allows one to full comprehend the essence of being a life-long follower who also perpetually disciples others on their journey of Life.

We exist to bring people of all nations to Jesus Christ in order to become a community of joyful worshipers, avid learners and enthusiastic sharers of God’s wonderful blessings at home and abroad.