About Cell Groups at ICA

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Although Cell Groups had been in existence at ICA since its inception, during the 2005 Assessment and Transformation Process, it became clear that ICA needed a strong community-based structure and system to ensure the building of relationships, which ultimately is the basis of authentic community. Becoming a cell based church was found to be the closest system to that which would provide the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the fulfilling of the mission and achieving the vision of the ICA. This was affirmed and adopted in August 2005. Since then ICA has remained a Cell-based congregation.

What Is A Cell Based Church?

 Becoming a cell-based church implies that the church reinvents itself into a community that fulfills its mission through the expression of community life in the home cell system. It means that the members, who are collectively a church, embrace the following paradigm shifts:

  • A shift from programs to relationship building—the purposes of the church are best fulfilled in the cell group instead of in programs.
  •  A shift from member to disciple maker; where every member can and should become a group leader.
  • A shift from educating to equipping. This ensures that spiritual growth is understood as an issue of not knowing more but applying more of the knowledge of God; finally, 
  •  A shift from an attitude that says, “Come and see,” to one that says “Go and show” the goodness of God. This emphasizes the power of evangelism when expressed by all members.