Our Vision & Mission

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Who is ICA? We are an International community of joyful worshipers and avid learners called to bring people of all nations to Christ. The following are our “apex statements”.


To grow into a large, influential, Multi-national community of believers who meet publicly and from house to house and serve in power to impact our world with the life of Jesus Christ. 



We exist to bring people of all nations to Jesus Christ in order to become a community of joyful worshipers, avid learners and enthusiastic sharers of God’s wonderful blessings at home and abroad.



We seek to embrace heaven’s culture as demonstrated in the Bible:

  • Passion for God –Joyful Worshiping
  • Compassion for All-Enthusiastic serving.
  • Passion for Life-Positive Living


Until the Lord helps us to develop a culture sustaining the following virtues:

  • Well: Excellence by choice. (I will do the best I can with Faith and the help of the Spirit).
  • Done: Action and Productivity. (I will do whatever it takes).
  • Good: Holy and positive, humility before honour. (I will keep my attitude right).
  • Faithful: Enduring faith, generosity and integrity. (I will continually live by faith)
  • Servant: called to serve, relevance and inclusive (I will serve and refresh others)1