Senior Pastor

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Rev. Dr. Enson Lwesya

Enson Lwesya is the Senior Pastor of ICA and associated ministries, prior to this he worked as the Executive Minister of the congregation (1996 to 2013). He is also a team leader of the faculty and staff of the Malawi Assemblies of God University in Lilongwe.

Previously he led Divine Love Church, Lusaka, Zambia (1989-1994); worked as an Associate Minister at the Christian Worship Center (Area 18), in Lilongwe, Malawi (1994-1996). Additionally, Lwesya worked as an Instructor and administrator for Assemblies of God school of Theology, which he also led as Team leader and CEO from 2001 -2007. He is married to Christine and together they have three children: Natasha, Enson II and Steven.

Apart from his practical experiences, Lwesya received his Diploma from the Assemblies of God School of Theology in 1990; his Bachelor of Arts with Double Major in Bible/Theology and Religious Education with Honors from the ICI University (1996); His Masters of Arts with an emphasis on Christian Leadership from the East Africa Graduate Studies Center, Nairobi, Kenya (2001); and his Doctor of Ministry degree with an emphasis in Pentecostal and Organizational Leadership from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Springfield, Missouri, USA (2006).

As an author, Enson has five works to his credit. He published Dreaming Your Future (2003), Flames of Fire (2005), Leading Christian Organizations (2007), Why Africans Fail to Lead (2009) and Globalizing Pentecostal Missions in Africa (2011). He crisscrosses the continent of Africa facilitating training on the subject matters of Strategic Leadership, Organizational Missions and Spirit Empowerment. 

Executive Pastor

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Rev. Dr. Andrew Mkwaila

Andrew Mkwaila serves as the Executive Pastor of ICA. His role includes overseeing the co-ordination of the activities of the church and its ministries as well as heading the secretariat of the church and its systems with over 35 ministry staff.

His pastoral ministry experience includes serving as missions pastor of Cornerstone Church, Okemos Michigan, (2009-2013) and Church Planter and Senior Pastor of Citywide Community Chapel (2006-2008), Lilongwe, Malawi. Andrew has also served as an administrator in several Government Departments. He is married to Wezi who is an academic and agriculture specialist.

Andrew received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from the University of Malawi (2001), his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bible & Theology from Global University (2006), his Master of Arts Degree in Intercultural Studies from All Nations Theological Seminary (2009), and his Doctor of Intercultural Studies Degree (2013) with an emphasis in Contextualization and Leadership & Change Management. 

Children’s Pastor

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Rev. Seira Mitha

 B.A. Theology.  M.A. Student

Pastor Seira has been a children's pastor/worker since 1990.  She is an effectual voice for the chidren and believes strongly that God is able to reach a child in every area of his/her life - physical, mental, social and spiritual.  

At the International Christian Assembly, Pastor Seira leads and trains other children's workers.  These children's workers who are well trained deliver structured lessons to the children.  In addition, there are added activities for the children which are organised from time to time, including two to three Children's Day outs.  The goal is to ensure that  children are trained according to Proverbs 22: 6 in the way that they should grow so that when they are grown, they will not depart from it.